A Home Filled With Easter

I love this time of year! Daffodils and tulips are beginning to peek through, the grass turns green and the trees begin to blossom. It is Springtime, and it is Easter. For many it is a fun celebration filled with chocolate bunnies and Easter Egg Hunts. And for a lot of us it is also a religious holiday; a spiritual time for reflection and appreciation.

As I get ready to celebrate this special occasion, I can’t help but feel thankful. No matter how difficult or hard life can get, I’m learning that there is always, ALWAYS, something to be thankful for. And if I focus on my many blessings in life, it’s easy to see even more of the wonderful opportunities around me.

This time of year brings a lot of new beginnings. Not only just in nature, but many people are looking for a new move and a fresh start. Life is truly an ever-changing adventure!

For many of us parents, it is a fun, stressful, and crazy phase of life that we are in, but I am trying to enjoy it! I’m trying to savor all of the good and precious moments. And I am excited to be celebrating Easter with my family!

I really enjoy planning festive activities with my children. As we gear up for a few egg hunts and holiday parties, I thought I’d share a few things we have been doing around the house. Decorating eggs, playing a few new games, and making a simple yet delicious snack!

1st up – Egg Coloring!

We have tried dyes, stencils, stickers, and probably even more. While a lot of these options are fun and creative, I am often left with a big mess to clean up. So, two years ago I discovered (thanks to Pinterest) that crayons work really well! Not only is this way much cleaner, it’s easy and fun! The colors are so vibrant when coloring on a warm freshly boiled egg!

You can tell which eggs were colored when they were still warm, and which ones the younger kids colored after the eggs cooled off. But either way, they all turned out beautiful!

Next up – Games!

Here are two easy and inexpensive ways my children enjoyed playing with their plastic colored eggs. No matter their age, it’s great hand-eye coordination. And for the older ones you can make it competitive by timing them:

Game #1 – this was a fun matching exercise! I pulled out the Candy Land game cards to make a pattern, then they had to duplicate the pattern below the cards with plastic eggs.

Game #2 – for my older two they competed while being timed by the youngest. Here they had to use their chopsticks to grab puff balls and drop them in the matching color eggs in their tray. First one to fill their tray, or beat their old time, won!

Lastly, – Snack Time!

I am not a pro in the kitchen, so this simple recipe was perfect! It is easy, and the final creation left my Easter guests very impressed!

All I did was make rice krispie treats and roll them into an egg shape (or use a plastic egg as a mold - just be sure to spray the inside first with non-stick spray).

Next I melted some white chocolate, dipped my rice krispie eggs, and then dipped them in colored sprinkles. Once I was finished, I laid them on wax paper in the fridge until they became hard.

The only trick with this is making sure they stay out of the heat and the sun. But if you can keep them at room temperature, this will add the perfect pop of decor to your table -  and your guests of any age are sure to enjoy!

Happy Easter!