Friends & Friendships


Friendships are unique. Each one looks a little different, and each offers a different connection.

As you raise your own kids, you will find yourself going through different phases. This means that who you surround yourself with, will also be changing. You might soon find that you have your old friends, your new friends, your “mom” friends - who happen to be the moms of your child’s friends - the soccer moms, the dance moms, church friends, work friends, etc.

But no matter how or why you became friends, there are a few important things to remember:

1.)   Surround yourself with good friends.

Look for people that make you happy, make you laugh, who help when someone is in need, who would never take advantage of you, and who genuinely care. These are the friends worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.

It is so important who we surround ourselves with! And if you choose your friends wisely, they will be there for you in big ways when needed most!

2.)   Pick friends that can teach you something new.

It’s important to always be moving forward in life, and growing as a person in a positive way. When you can walk away from a conversation and feel that somehow you improved from it - it’s very rewarding! How wonderful to learn something new about life, hear a new tip, find inspiration, or have a good laugh! By picking friends that have dreams, desires and ambitions, they will help you grow and achieve your goals too.

3.) The saying is true – “To Have A Good Friend, You Need To Be A Good Friend.”

Picking friends and surrounding yourself with good people might come easy for you. But how do you rate at being a good friend?

What truly means the most is often times not the gifts or items that people give, but the time that is given.

Whether it is to make someone a meal when they are hurting, or to sit and visit with someone that is lonely, or when you take the time to help a busy friend with their children, - these are the moments that true friendships are made. These are the moments that will be remembered and appreciated. And these are the moments that make a relationship deeper.

Often times when someone needs help they don’t tend to shout it from the rooftops. But a genuine friend knows when a heart is breaking, and they will show up to stand beside you during a time when you feel like you might fall.

A good friend is someone who others can count on when times are tough. And if you want to be that good dependable friend, than you need to be willing and able to put in the time and commitment in order to know what is happening in their life.

They say that friends are the family members that you can actually pick. Just be sure you are picking a good one, and that you are being that good friend too!

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